Welcome to Multi-Q(uantized)-Rooms | The Lab I & Lab II © Ernst Koller 1997 - 2016 All rights reserved Last Updated: 27.04.2016 Here YOU can find Zeitgeisty Investigations in local and global [ Fields ]. The world of Artifacts, Neuroscience, Neural Networks and Computer Networks. It will enhance YOU. YOUR Brain creates reality for TWENTY FOUR HOURS! Enjoy YOUR journey! YOUR Multi-Q(uantized)-Rooms Entry Point Collaborations of humans & machines Humans in [ Neural Fields ] Thank You For Your Visit! Multi-Quantized-Algorithms Considerations in Rooms Brain Foundry | Your EGO lives in a world run by algorithms. The Central Nervous System Experimental Multi-Q-Rooms with Ernst Koller YOUR Central Nervous System in local and global rooms. GO! Seven Main Parts... 1. Cerebrum 2. Diencephalon Brain stem 3. Midbrain 4. Pons 5. Medulla oblongata 6. Cerebellum 7. Spinal cord Cervical Thoracic Lumbar Sacral Construction Rooms n3 Creating virtual & real neuro_MQR_waves Artifacts Engineering Analytics & Trends in [ Fields ] Connections in Global [ Fields ] [ Zeitgeisty ] [ LimesArt Media ] [ Web ] Dynamic Content Clouds Time Line Triangle Books by Ernst Koller Network Triangle in [ . ] Multi-Q(uantized)-Room Vision in Fields | We like to do It! Mathematics... How Technology shape our lives! M-Q-R Haiku by Ernst Koller EXPLORATION Multi-Quantized-Rooms Elegance from far and wide nestled in YOUR life Going Inside... Creating Reality with neuro_MQR_waves Biological neural networks Computer networks Artificial neural networks Analog and Digital Explorations Parallelism Gradedness Interactivity Competition Learning Adventures... Telematics